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We understand that no two clients have exactly the same needs. We’re proud to offer a broad range of services to ensure that whatever you’re shipping arrives when you need it to, without any hassles, headaches or holdups.

Brickdata Service

Brickdata has been providing document destruction services to Big Island businesses since 2003. We are familiar with regulations governing specific industries such as HIPAA and Gramm-Leach-Bliley as well as those which apply to almost all businesses such as FACTA and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. We have the experience to provide the service your organization will require.

Brickdata implements procedures which insure the secure transportation and destruction of all materials to be shredded. Locking collection consoles and transportation by locked, covered vehicles at all times are some examples.

Once at our secure facility, shredding occurs within 3 business days, often sooner. Once the documents are destroyed, the Certificate of Destruction is signed certifying that the documents are unusable.

All shredded paper is baled and recycled.


Brick Data Solutions’ courier service is provided within 100 miles of Kailua Kona. Next day service is standard, however same day service may be possible. Go to the online ordering page to receive a free quote!

A surcharge may be applied in the following circumstances:
-Signature Required
-Waiting Required (In line at post office or bank)
-No Street Address Available
-Pre-arranged special services


Brickdata provides the following services:
Safe and secure storage for your records at our facility
File boxes are barcoded and can be indexed to your numbering system
Retrieval of records upon request with delivery to your office the next business day
Upon request, expedited retrieval delivery to your office. A Rush Service Fee will be charged for this service.
Additional barcodes for future containers upon request



The process of shredding or pulverizing documents to render them unusable may not be new, but it is becoming increasingly important in a time when sensitive information is becoming more available. Against a legal and regulatory background which dictates when and how busnesses may use and dispose of private consumer or patient information, the implementation of a secure document destruction program on a regular schedule becomes a necessity for any business --large or small– that collects any personally identifiable information. While some regulations specifically suggest that destruction be done by a third party, even those businesses in industries that aren’t governed by such regulations can gain by having destruction carried out by a professional destruction company. The time spent using an office shredder most certainly costs more than what a professional destruction company will charge. Staff who know that they will have to provide the labor to shred will be less likely to shred large stacks of paper or other difficult to shred items.

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